• 25 things you don't know about me!
  • I LOVE BIG HAIR! I mean obviously right?
  • My boyfriends name is Anthony 
  • I had a 9 lb baby via c-section 10.9.12 
  • I have a hernia in my stomach now from that
  • i think shoes make an outfit
  • I'm going to school for business management
  • I start waist training (information in a future post) Dec 13'
  • I love getting my two boys dress they are like my dolls
  • I will own a boutique one day
  • I have a posh ,instagram,facebook and now a blog ...again
  • I have been homeless this year :( living with others sucks
  • I made highwaisted shorts this summer
  • I prefer wedges 
  • I love styling others
  • I am a positive thinker
  • I can't take stress refuse to 
  • I an not watch sad or scary movies I'm wayyyyy too emotional after this last baby
  • I am usually not very shy 
  • I love pictures I'm  visual person always asking to be shown 
  • I would love to inspire others or motivate others
  • I love started from the bottom now I'm here stories like how GAGA was a waitress 5 years ago 
  • I'm waiting for my GOD given break into fame or $$$
  • I love jewelry I am never naked meaning always have my left wrist adorned with too many bracelets and a statement necklace always graces my neck
  • I love my iPad  I have so many pictures and albums 
  • I have several shopping list organized by picture in my iPad 
  • I will go to Canada to visit my favorite cousin next year
  • I went over 25 lol please follow if your not and sit back and enjoy my blog I will be something great one day 







long time coming...

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&  I'm back. ready to start blogging 1 kids later ups and downs new relationship carless post homeless let's get started ladies and gents :)



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New blog!

Lovers!!! Follow my new blog

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Man I wanted a new blog but guess what loves its not meant I forgot my password so I figured I'll just renovate this one??!! Idk yet it doesn't feel like much of a change

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New blog


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AMAZING new starts over here !

my blog is over herrrrre -------------> LIFE as GLAM LA :)
get all the juicy details on my not so fab life lol please follow me....love yall ! i just feel like this blog protrays me as a bad person and im so not digging it ! im so at a good place in life right now ::)))) alll smiles