my 4 month old is eating my hand...lol so im typing with one hand hes definitely teething o oh time to get that oral b
so anyways i have a cold and was experiencing engorgement ouch!
better now that he gt home from his grandmas
i got a call back from F21 for a second interview omg yay!well see how im going  balance school working at Carters,& Forever while being an awesome mommy to Zion also the cats out of the bag im trying to move ...just me and Zion to OUR new place because i refuse to be a victim in an emotionless relationship anymore
i don't see the love in his eyes
im not his best friend
we barely talk
its no fun and makes me uber sad
the only way ill stay is if i see him trying to fight for me
hey what can i say im a hopeless romantic
i honestly believe that all of my ex's are still @ least 2% in love with me
but back to the story ......
Byron well Byron he just changed
he quit going to school
started drinking
partying every other weekend ugh
smoking weed ( won't put up with it!)
started getting snappy
having company over every night past 12 @ night
every woman has their breaking point and i can officially say ive reached mines
i mean while im at school trying to do something with my life he's on facebook (although caring for Zion ill give him credit for that) posting things like " im like a young Wiz Khalifa" or "im bout to smke a bleezy ladies hit me up" :? wtf are you serious man
i won't air all my business out because people in my real life read  this and don't know me that well and may upset me with their unsolicited advice and comments


  1. Ugh! I hate men!
    My sons father is a punk bitch!!
    Ugh at least he's a good father.
    Ugh girl I feel your pain I don't
    Have faceboo
    k so email me

  2. girl
    a baby shuld make luv stronger...
    days shorter...
    nights longer...
    ur bank balance smaller..
    tha home happier...
    tha past forgotten...
    and tha future worth living for...

    and it dont seem like ur man give u none of that...but the smaller bank balance LOL