Blogs I just really love

This is my girl Emily from Alaska I love her point blank she's real and write from the heart. Also she has the most adorable lil ray of sunshine!!!!! She keeps me blogging.

I love her layout Omg! And she knows her fashion/beauty ish shes also very kind and actually reads people blog which is refreshing!

Finally a guy blogger lol this is one of my favorite guy cousins and his blog is new and he would love some followers hint hint plus he knows swag!

Miss Cindia
I can't find a link right now ( can you post in in the comments please) she's funny down to earth. Her blog is interesting and I love the positive vibe it keeps me!

Msabright shoot I can't find your link either what's my problem(put it in the comments please:)) she a very nicer blogger who guess what reads blogs and comments she gives me hope and good advice!

There a few more but my add kicked in sawry:) be back later
Also my bestfriend has a blog now I don't have her link though

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  1. Love you too!
    .Love your blog and litte man zion!

  2. Hey girlie, I just recently made my blog private. If you want access, give me your email & I'll send you the invite!

  3. Omg thank you chicka! You just made my day =D lol