All my single ladies

It feels weird to be single ... Like it's not the same freedom I used to feel and when your single you always want to be coupled up and when your coupled up sometimes you just want to be single if that makes any sense I tried and I tried to make it work i cried and I cried because it wasn't now I'm done so done lol I just want to thank him for all the wrong because he made it that much easier to move on. Although I'm single I'm in no way shape or form ready to date not only because of my baby but because I just peeled the scab off a new wound an it still fresh and yes painful. But I will talk to guys get numbers and have fun just to get back into the scene and while I was comfortable with him which was the main reason to stay he accepted me just how I was there was never any growth now it's scary I have to be on point which is good I can invest my time into getting ready etc etc but when I move no guy will know my address he'll Naw not that kinda party and no over nighters and that's another thing I'll have to sleep alone ( Zions getting his own room) unless I choose to baby Zion for longer which is a drag and he's becoming spoiled sleeping on my chest and another thing is I'll be solely responsible for bills argggh lol and also have to work out visitations but I'll be happy to get back on track I mean I love him but love dont hurt so I lust him but not anymore taking my
Forward :)
( when I can afford to move out of course lol that's another thing that makes it complicated but o well)

So here's to all my single ladies who refused to put up with bullshit this is to you!

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  1. You go girl! I'm not single but I know how it feels when you are in love (aka really lust lol) with somebody but they don't treat you right. I was single for 6 months! thatz a big deal to me lol thats the longest I went being single since stepping into the dating scene. And it all paid off because I finally got a good guy =] Just be strong for you and your son...your prince charming will come one day =]

  2. being single is fun. take time to know yourself before u can get to know somebody else.