Yesterday I was involved in a car accident rushed to hospital by ambulance into the emergency trauma room where they cut off my sweater was cut off in front of 20+ ppl the worst thing was all the ivs & blood test so much stabbing , questions, test, etc etc I cried in front of all those ppl how embarrassing
Then I was supposed to stay in ob triage for 4 hours to monitor my contractions my mom and sister came then Byron my contractions were really close so I ended up having to be admitted to the labor and delivery room ugh more needles
Then I was on a clear liquid only diet while fat ass Byron ate a bomb smelling cheese meat palzone with a big chunk of chocolate cake washing it down with my fave dr.pepper ugh I could have killed him
Anyways everyttime I would fall asleep they would wake me up readjusting things and such
Then I had a group b strep test and my cervix checked by a lady with the longest nails in the world ouch!
Then finally after 24 hrs + I was allowed to go home

But on a lighter note
Hip hip hooray for Zion I bought him the froggy bath set from carters lol because it's green and awe the little froggy shoes and the wash-up puppet too cute!!

Also my brother got me sick :/ and I got Byron sick no fun

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