My phone had the audacity to delete my previous post so ...

Anywho thank all you sexy people for following this here blog of mines I'm actually excited to share with you guys lol and I'm always taking pictures for my blog lol my husband thinks I'm crazy

Update time
Feeling like this O_o because I been sleep all day and woke up thinking it was the next day ugh hate that feeling

Can't wait to February because were going to be moving into either this 2 bedroom condo or this 2 bedroom 2/bath spacious apartment with a washer/dryer Omg I just love it!!! Finally Zion will have his own bedroom and bathroom and especially closet

Long story short his clothes take up all the closet space lol so funny I moved all his clothes to Byrons side as a punishment of Byron side of the room always being dirty

And Omg I've already picked the decor for Zions bathroom

Goody goody I just can't wait

Picture below is the loving room I love the flooring (ugh I can't wait until my aunt moves out !!lol I'm so mean)

And guess who is wearing a wedding ring originally priced around
ME that's who lol I know it's not important but when I seen this ring I fell in love so I pressured him to buy it and viola!:) and gotta love the holiday sales because we got the 50% off deal :D and I bought his wedding band eeppp we get our marriage license signed this Friday

Oh yea we got the Xbox 360 with the connect thingee and 6 games Omg I love it it's so much fun I played the dance central game against Byron (cough cough I lost) and I was getting it! Hubbys been on it all day playing some gun game or something idk idc lol

He cooked me dinner but I was so sleepy to eat
Maybe because I'm 9 months tomorrow and this Insomnia has truly caught up to me asking where's the $$$ at lol I'm silly

Also I got baby brain like a mofo been buying Zion the same clothes over and over and over and over geesh hubby looked and the closet the other day was like why does he have 4 of these...3 of these... Etc true life I started going through it and was screaming packed up 3 big bags of repeats took 1 back to Carters(Omg the tacky Carters yuck!) and got like $230 back in cash
Now I have just like 2 bags left
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ca-Ching

Idk if this stupid but I bought Zion a nameplate ???? For what idk :? I tell byron don't leave $$ in my pocket because of my holy jeans sigh... He'll learn(but I'll post pictures of it when it's ready for pick up)

I'm taking maternity pictures finally smh (shaking my hips) this Saturday I so don't know what color to wear or what shoes... But as always I'm open for suggestions

I straightened up Zions things once again

And his dad bought his this hugh monkey that i named Bruce

This is what 9 months looks like for me

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