Up at 4:30 am
Just Zion and me
Washing clothes
About to drive home to daddy
Finished my book
Mad at Carters
Need to deposit my check
Saving account?
Didn't black Friday shop
Turkey day was wack
30 more days until my monkey
He's dropped and makes me waddle
Cant wait until income Tx
My phone want let me upload pics to Facebook man
All we do is argue
Bought matching shoes to go with babies set pics later
My baby bro has been injured twice and has a cold it makes me sad
Worked my balls off black yesterday
Byron made me mad
Its finally acting like winter out here might need to add a bit more warm néwborn pieces buy probably not
I've been spendn on hubby n baby n not me so it's bk to me duh. I'm wasteful
Buying a game sytrm tomato

-I sorta kinda dig these shoes what y'all think?????

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  1. You're pretty busy. But yes, love the shoes. I have em in black, but the print makes em that much more adorable. Spoil yourself.

  2. Aww he's dropped? Soon! Hope your little bro gets better, his slippers are HOT!