Things to get my max

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  1. Yes, those are cute things. I am not angry and dont think i am trying to pu you down. I know that shopping is fun and can boost your mood, and sometimes make a person feel good about themselves. But please take a moment to think about my comment without getting defensive.
    In your blog, you say that you are on food stamps, WIC, and have a part time job. But you seem to buy a lot of things. Please think about how that might make somebody like me feel. My child has what he needs, but not many extras. His clothes are not fancy. They are often bought at the second hand store. You can get some REALLY cute, cool stuff there especially for kids because kids grow out of stuff so fast, and people bring stuff to these stores in great condition! Just a little info for you all! :)
    Anyway, i work and money is taken off my cheque each month for you to be able to have food stamps, wic so that the money you DO have can be spent on things like zebra striped makeup brushes, air jordans for your 1 year old etc.. Does that seem fair to you? i can not afford luxeries for myself but money is taken away from me so that you can have them.
    Dont know if you have looked at it that way. Again, not trying to be mean. Just wanted to state my opinion.
    Oh and i know how fun shopping is. I used to buy myself all sorts of things, but now that i am older, i wish SO MUCH that i had saved my money so that i could have bought a better house in a better neighborhood, saved for college etc.. Those things many seem so unimportant to you now, and it may seem there is so much time later to save money, but I really wish i had listened when others told me to save my money or invest it. I really hope this doesnt seem mean. I really like you as a person. You seem like a super fun, nice person! :)

  2. ^ anon hey thanks for commenting and i do value your opinon:)
    1) pay taxes as well
    2) wic is for breastfeeding mothers they love and want me to continue breastfeeding so they provided fruit and babyfood(healthy choices) and the wic program is for ALL breatfeeding mothers
    3) im currently not on food assitance but if and when i do its because my state thinks i need them and i fall into a certain bracket
    4) i work damn hard for my $$$$ and the crumbs i have left over from paying my bills i save or i buy max something he is Always above me so yes as you put it my 9 month does rock jays "air jordans" because his mommys works her ass off for them and please note he has not gotten a new pair of shoes since birth as i was a weird preggo mom and but everything ahead of time coupons in hands or they were hand me down ( my family has majority boys yay max!)
    5. its getting long lol sorry i have looked into 2nd hand store but there are none in my area
    6) i hardly indulge so my recent purchases were well deserved i got both scholarships i applied for!;)) woot woot i had $left after my class and books so after i paid bills and car expenses i alloted myself 100$ at F21 it was sooo Fun
    and the brushes were a gift late from my past birthday so no i do not feel like im taking your $ i just know how to make a budget look good:)
    7) when my father passed he left me some $ and what i had left was promptly invested in Max's name
    8) as far as a house im 20!!! i happy with my 1 bdrm appt (now) i can afford it and with some renonvations i can def make it work but by 25 ill keep that in mind
    again thanks but im obviosly not blogging enough you guys still dont know me:(

  3. Hi. I am anonymous who wrote the comment.
    I respect your answer and it was well written and concise. Thanks for considering what i said :)
    Take care.