I'm going to focus on attracting positiveness into my universe and stop hanging out with others who are miserable like the saying said they love company and wish to bring me down Me and my team (Zion/La) come first always this is the last month of selflessness because in the end me and my squishy pay for it tbc


  1. i wish you the best. leave behind the negative and focus on the positive. worry abt you and yours.

  2. i wrote u a message on fb.

  3. I agree! I have decided to only allow positivety in my life from now on too. It makes life so much less stressful when you subtract negative people/thoughts =]

  4. Hi
    Just found your blog and read aaalllll of it from start to finish over the last 4 days. (I am preggo and nauseated as heck, so have had a lot of time on my hands!)
    Just wanted to encourage you. I bet more people read yr blog than you realize. Keep it up. I am a bit disappointed to be at the end! Looking forward to more!