I've decided its not the best decision to move with Byron in tow
i need some time to me me and of course lil man I've been so distracted and overwhelmed
we can still talk i just want majority of the focus on me and max
plus our whatever you call it needs work because just being OK sometimes wont cut it
But I've been handling my business
got my WIC on track
got an electric breast pump
getting my insurence/food on track
trying for DES daycare
relived a hefty load and this semester only doing online classes i feel very relived
lately ive been sorta living out of my car well its not completely true but my car has been packed lol i drive around with stuff for my new place
i bought max a pushing walker he loves it :)
i cant wait to move its makes me so happy inside by the middle of sept ill have moved and have a phone
anywho wanna see it :

i love it i want a super girly place pink and zebra all over and max will have a cars room ive already been stacking up

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