my boyfriend left today.

so yea this was yesterday,I was too busy to actually blog busy with what you say
well,...my lng-distance boyfriend was in town for one month from Georgia.It was so much fun we didnt go to alot of places but we went to enough to keep me happy.I also got to meet his moms side of the fam & he met mines.Although during duration i noticed  something about me......(drumroll) im anti-social &&& very shy at every event i froze ,kept to my self,and was very quiet.I do this as a defense mechanism like i have topics to talk about in my head but im always to scared to say it because
a) i don't want to look dumb
b) i dont want to intrude
&  c)omg its hard to introduce topics out of no where

so what i think im going to do instead next time is maybe have an alter ego so i wont feel so pressured to make a good impression. Going off on a tangent why do i have to make any impression at all?hmm..does it matter what they think about me?
Oh yea i've been shopping!:) is it me but is shopping the remedy to everything i bought some blue & purple mascara ill send pictures of how it turns out


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