Love :)

Ok hold on I went &&& seen leap year and I know this is an old quote but I like it so
" you must never lie, steal,or cheat but if you must lie besides me forever if you must steal steal away my heart and if you must cheat cheat death "
Aww so cute!:)

7 deadly sins a boy can commit to a girls heart
1)lie to her and get caught well just lie period
-honesty is my best policy

2)steal from her
-you theif be gone no time for that
3)tell her buisness
-this is a no no I don't play that what's between me and you is between me and you
4)ruin her credit or reputation
- grimey point blank
5)disrespect her
-need I say more?
6) have intercourse with another person
-eww there's aids in this world boy grow up and control your worm!
7) emotionally cheat
- this is THE worst for me omg I'd rather if a dude physically cheated.

And I would like to end this on the note I love love!
I am definetly a love person I will believe in it until the end of times
I belive that there is somebody out there for everyone :)
Love makes me so happy
I enjoy hooking up others because man ain't nothing like some good ol' genuine love
Turns up musiq soulchilds "love" and bobs head
- La di da

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