Note to self:

Dear La,

Just because boys can't value me doesn't mean I'm not valuable
You can't be friends with someone you once loved,was the father to your child, or thought he was the mate to your soul. May sound harsh but it's a reality thats vital to your recovery.
I had forgotten how wonderful and great I can be all by myself I love you La:).
I comb my hair for me
I get dress to my best for me
I paint my nails for me
I put on so much smell good I can fill a room with my aroma for me
I match my undergarment for me
I do all this for me... But nonetheless others can admire at their own risk of course.

The next time I'm in a realtionship I won't treat myself like a stranger, I will be good with him but better by myself, to be continued

La di da

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