College woes

Im contemplating going out of state next semester
and im also comtemplating doing track again(although im out of shape)

nothings stopping me but...

Im afraid of my own success!

im scared of what I can do and the truth is i need to challenge myself
I am very much comfortable where I am
  • Arizona
  • Community college-Tranfering to NAU(an in-state university)
  • 2003 nissain altima
  • surrounded by family
  • an "ok"boyfriend
but am I really happy and satisfied with my current position??????

what I could do to step out my comfot zone is
  • Out of state university
  • actually save up for my Chrysler 300 and look for sellers
  • make new friends (only have associates out here)
  • step my game up with or w/o a boyfriend
Even as im posting this I might take the easy way out...
should I?
why  shouldn't I it's safe isn't it?
it's gotten me this far but how far am I really

Im unsure about everything now...(think fear-by jasmine sullivain)
my major...dental hygenist?
will that career really make me happy?
will it be a waste?
will I be bored?
the only question I can answer is
Am i doing it for the $: YES!
 some other career I have in mind
 pyschology with a minor in economics
I enjoy pyschology but who isn't majoring in pyc?
everybody and they momma is going for that
and i truly love econ  any major I choose ecnomics would be my minor

any career I get into have to offer
career stability
work with my availibilty
financial security
represent me
and genuiely interest
I also do not want a dead end career
I want growth
you not what i think Im going to just go for the worst that could happen would be

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