I think my boyfriend should be giving me at bare minimum $50/a week
ill propose this idea later
because I love to shop and I cant help it!!!!
&& all my bills leave me w/o spare money
until I get a job
which should be by the end of this month


My March Goals:
1)get a job
2)better hair
3)publish summer schedule
4)speak words into existence
6)check  into AA degree
7)make a friend :)
8)smile more
10) focus on my studies

My March wants!:)

basically just a Apple mac computer
my car fixed
&& ill get back to this when i come up
with something to fill this space.
ugh ....no $=no honey...
but ill post a collage of my wants

I just found my old my  from kindergarten who used to
chase me and put boogers on me ,on no other then FACEBOOK..
of course I added him and I must say he way cute and his already
hazel eyes are brighter now(is it me or does he look gay)
This is the boy im going to marry...there i said it lol :]

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