I starting to agree with my bestfriend and want some croc shoes
Why don't I own a little black dress
Chipped nails are not sexy
Test out of reading
I can't make shopping list
Because I feel compelled to buy
Everything on the list
In love with Trey Songz
"Invented Sex"
Asos is the best places for nice dresses
The precious thing a person can mk is a friend:)
The movie repo man is weird but I love the ending
On my grind to get these scholarships
I think me my bf and cousin will be carpooling to school next semester:?
Beyonce dad has a 1 year son??:&
If you had a opportunity to gain $50 million if you press a button the catch is if you press it someone you dont know dies
Would you do it??
I'm tired of shopping styles are getting boring

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