WRap it up

My mom is watching this real
sad documentry on AIDS and HIV+ people from Africa and India
Most the women did not know their husband was carrying the virus
One girl is about 13 her boyfriend kept pressuring her
She told him to use a condom
He didn't and ge poisened her
The symthoms are a bad cough

So please please please
Ladies make him put a condom on
F*** a ring if you like then you better put a condom on it
Dudes respect yourself get tested
And no more raw dog
It's 2010
Wrap that shit up
AIDS is real!!!!
People are dying!!!
Don't think it won't happen to you
Sex can be dangerous with out the right precautions
I think everybody should make
A promise to theirselves to at the very least make their potential "mate" get tested
It all boils down to is sex worth dying for?
Is not knowing worth dying for or
Letting others die because of ignorance
This issue is real and not in the dark so people open your eyed
Infected people may look healthy but carry the virus
The fact are out there
Bodies are building up
Go educate yourself and stay alive!!!

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