Hot things for summer

I plan on investing in these trends/things

Omg sexy tropic inspired prints

-huge glasses

Brighy dresses,makeup,Bold patterns on bottoms,coral red lipstick.

Dangling earrings because the summer is hot so many people wear simple hairstyles(pony tail,french braids,messy bun,and hair swept up out of face/neck/etc) and the earrings will keep it fun and far from boring

I love these lipsticks the really do provide moisture which suprised me because it's lipstick and you don't need many coats of it although it's highly pigmented if that's what you like

Chains and gladiators sure to make a come back this summer

I know I've posted about these before but catch the hint these are innnnn gladiator inspired wedges/heels/etc

Summer friendly colors MAC is releasing this the end of may

Tanks with a twist lightweight and cute at the same tim

Omg lace anything I love lace I can't wait to get these GOD please keep them in stock

Sandles with spunk I adore the cheetah print ones:]
I'll update this post as I see new summer trend sp be in the know ladies
...hmm.. Ima make a fashion post for guys!!!!
This is a public service announment

Ladies you see that picture??I call those investments
Clear bra straps and a banduar they prevent tacky bta straps showing in sexy dresses and shirts with wide arm whatchamacallitsPosted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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