Love is shown no matter who the person is too you how much they've said it it's not real until they can show you
My mom literally has never tryed she's all about herself I'm not making this up I get nothing out of admitting this it's the truth alot of times I belive she hates me
She uses me ... (another story)
To her I am a bitch a devil
I am too hyper too boring why can't I be loved she ruined my perception of myself I was forced to believe I was ugly and worthless
My sister is in the same catagory she hates me the feeling is mostly mutual she does nothing but take from me I'm only worth her time if she gets something from it she takes all my clothes(may seem childish) but I work dam hard for every piece she harshly criticizes me and calls me ugly or ringy(due to my dark eye rings which I can't help my capitlerries bleed) I've gotten past most of it but I can't lie I'm affected especially when she used to tell people we wernt related...like really??? why would you treat your own blood that way...
But whatever they are making me stronger GOD doesn't bring you through anything he doesn't feel you can't handle
My mom wants me out
Hw do I know?
My sister aggressivly told me so in front of my "mother" and my egg doner did nothing
I have always been pretty much on my own paid for my own been judges harshly by those two
I refuse to pay for a room in her house while I also have to pay for my own school I will be full time and can't afford or have the time for a job
I refuse to live in a fuxking garage like an animal ESP when she has an extra room
Omg am I being punked
Where the fuxk Ashton kutcher at??!!!!
I am alone
We are all born alone
And we all die alone
I guess I was always alone
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