I don't support babyphat it's tacky and ghetto and I hate it!!
I hate hate hate loath find arcrylic nails very much disgusting and full of bacteria
Some sexy things about me are
My freckles
My very much tones legs(thanks to track)
My full lips
And my back dimples
Btw... I added red to my hair I kinda dig it

I'm joining track next year for a scholarship so from now on I'm not taking the elavator anymore (with my lazy ass) I will be walking up and down those 3 flights on stairs
Also jogging 3x a week and
Running the track once a week
And only drinking water
I love to eat too much to diet lol

The showcase was overall good for being free,unorganized,and umm..what's that word I'm looking for yea my fave part was the fashion show I loved some of the outfits!

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