• I lost my iPhone and we all know they don't have insurence/theft protection so
$500 will be coming out of the air i suppose for the new one :)
  • guess who has a job interview tomorrow? THIS LADY.
  • .Im going to rename my blog   

  • Lifestyles of the Rich  Broke and FAB  
    • I'm going on vacation at the end of MAY 
    •  man i can't wait until i get this job then i can shop/get a new phone,and save up for vacation thank GOD for this job because trust me i got this!:]
    • ima be a really positive person from now on shoot i want 2 jobs now
    • &&& $$$$ :):):)
    • i will be sexy from now on 
    • so look out for me and follow or ill restrict this sh#!
    • no copying 
    • new camera to come one of those nice NIKON
    • i wore my stilettos lol (picture to the right)
    • im practicing blowingmyhorn control therepy session all day everyday
    • i have so many wants like Oh Em Gee somebody rob a bank for me

    •  i want a G shock watch ,$150 to blow at F21,$50 for charlotte russe,5 new heels,some grown up clothes,mac makeup,the whole nines damn you wallet!! for being under-presidented
    • im basically just on my grind trying to live the life of a dime on a pennies income smh pray for me
    • growing out my nails
    • i need more rest as usual
    • im not fixing my laptop ill just end up selling it & working towards a MACbook woot woot....pumps fist at ungrateful dell
    • everybodies doing hair tutorial so ima start doing WEAVE tutorials
    for instance the blonde i have at the bottom
    review: Goddess in honey(or such)
    expensive $100+/a pack(varies depending on location)
    bad quality
    sheds easily
    tangles easily
    too much hype
    Re purchase?: No,not in blonde I'm going to try black next 
    so thats generally how those tutorials will go
    just me going to deatil abouit the quality,quantity,price,etc
    Picture to right .

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