Im so not happy but I know it's in my mind and that I'm choosing to find the bad recently I've..

Had my bestfriend delete me from facebook/ not talk to me for days starting because her ec added me

Been pulled over for my light being out:(

Lost my car keys -$268

Missed some days/assignments of summer classes

Been in debt by western dental

Fought w/my bf because he doesn't pioritize/handle $ well

Been given 4hours of work/a week

Worried about my next meal literally eating out has been cheaper than groceries not good @ all :/

Not been social in anyway

Regret my bday coming up

Seen things I want/can't afford fml

Buy on the flip side i've...

Gotten good grades in my classes so far

Learned how to be effective solo

Cherised my keys lol

Thought about the reaping of my seeds( future rewards)

Lack of work hrs allow more time for school work

Due to my brokeness am thinking about selling alot of my things(shoes,printer,etc)

Become less selfish

Accept bf for who he is & focus on my share of bills while crossing fingers that he comes through.

I plan on posting pictures of the apartment soon I just have been a bit busy

After this summer omg two more semesters until my AA degree (by 19 fist pump!) and enter my program for dentistry

Also because of my busy hecticness I've been neglecting myself!:(
So I plan to have my nails freshly painted weekly
Hair done to the best I can afford
Dress better
Iron my clothes
Wash my clothes
Wear some makeup :)
Get adaquate sleep
Smell good try different stlyes with my hair
Clear skin
Drink more water
&&& I know I can do this just need to manage my time more efficiently!:D
p.s thanks for following I will be changing my layout to enable comments from you all and expect video soon lol lots and lots of videos
With love...La

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