More shopping online

For the baby of course
His theme is green

Omg in love with this his "official" diaper bag $15!!!!jaw dropper includes a diaper change pad,wipe case, & an acessories bag. Also goes with theme and is not bulky like other diaper bags!

Love that it coinsides with my apartments theme $120

Found a nice cherry wood crib for 140$ yay

Standard crib mattress

So in love with this duo goes with his theme and it's really fun and made by Graco it's ratings were high for an amazing $150 yay I'm so happy can't wait to by it not this week but next week I'm so excited(:

A place to put his folded clothes and etc not fancy it's green and affordable

Sigh I've been irritable and snappy I cry at the drop of a dime my boobs are getting bigger than i'd like(gasp never thought I'd say that) and this all of a sudden acne is depressing fml
Btw this boy(in red) wore rocawear heels to school Friday and the proceeded to jerk and gyrate in them i was highly amused

Now I must get ready to go enjoy this tremendous labor day sale at carters with my additional 30% off yay(:

Anyways this is going to be his unofficial diaper bag/ my purse/ carry all lol ( ok I just needed an excuse to get it)

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