Pregnancy must haves

Being pregnant I've noticed there's something you must have or else you be plain uncomfortable and funny looking. Your body is changing so your wardrobe,eating habits, and hobbies should as well. I personally don't believe in baby mamas in the club shaking that ass like the girl down the street. Mothers are the artchuiters of the future let's act like it. But that in no way means we can't be sexy. We are not all rich or celebs ao stores "made for us" such as motherhood and hedi klum line pea in the pod don't apply to us but also don't fit realistic lifestyles and aren't very cute
So here's my complilation of thing real mommys need:

Earrings that are lightweight & fun, I'm too irritable to be having uncomfortable earlobes
You can find affordable styles such as these at Charlotte Russe or forever 21 for prices as low as 3$!(:

Coupons to your favorite store
They can easily be found online & printed out these come in handy because you don't want to be broke but you deserve to look fancy :)

If your an heels fanatic like I choose heels wisely you can't afford to fall!!!
Pick something low with a large heeled bottomw thick enough to comfortably fit you ( not pictured but I love those and they're low)

Bio oil and/or belly cream definite investments I have yet to have strech marks

Fun flirty flowy dresses your body will thank you for the lack of pressure to the belly and lower belly area

Pants with a strech waist band
Long camisoles
To be Cont.
With love...La

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