i changed my hair ...
i got a new camera :) 14.1 mgapixl hot pink cannon power shot
they dont carry the juicy bag i want anymore...hmmm another coach one or no?
my home is looking really nice just needs a good cleaning
i want to get a ringtone for my phone it rings boring
the car shop jipped me arggg my car still smells like fucking gas man not good !
and they broke my rear view mirrior cover and wont fess up man!):<
my foodstamps are taking forever and a fucking day to come wtF i am prego i need to eat!!!!ima file a complaint
i need a night stand,a lamp,1 storage bin,boxspring,
another concern thats bothering me is that my boyfriend is very bad with money and handling finances
and parties to much fuck man we have a baby on the way you better reconize fool before i pack up
i love him its just im already nervous and then he stresses me out with his lack of $ management skills also he never pays me back when he owes me and i always come through ( on cell bill,rent,food) im just trying not to scream and blow my head off in frustration!!!

other than that ive been tryna to stock up for the winter because ima be back in forth to just school and home only im going on maternity leave in 6 weeks thats 3 checks so i have to be smart with my $  any buy loads of tissue,air spray,dish soap,bleach,tooth paste

i have a baby shower to go to on OCT 9th i already bought the gifts so ill go..hmmm
i need winter shoes eeeeek ima freeze my toesies off
so i just want like 3 pair of ballet flat,the kemp vans in grey, and 3 pairs of boots in brown,blk,& nude
i gave my mom $100 for her bday i love that lady
also i want to buy some really smeely goody perfume or two
and some cardigans from forever wish me luuck
o yea and i neeeeeed auto insurence and i lost my effing glasses fml

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