i REALLy love my...

officially in my 3rd trimester yay
im 7 months or 29 weeks as of today

 this is my sister lol excited to wear her new shoes
man its so hard to stay sexy and comfortable while being big and 7 months
but im trying my best i guess i try my best and do my make up everyday


  1. Love the new shoes. You are too cute! Congrats on making it to your 3rd trimester!

  2. thank you so much! really made my evening :) i really enjoy your blog keep it up! also follow me back:D

  3. Omgosh ur belly looks like a missille im loving it..u look too good how much pounds u put on.. u dont look that much bigger in weight thats a plus.. n those BOOBSSS..

    wait r u even breast feeding or straight bootless????

  4. lol yea i got a football belly
    gained 20 lbs yay! so happy i want my baby to be a 6 lbs joy and the weight is going all to the stomach lol i look unpreggo from back or sitting down so sad
    dudes be trying to holler until i turn around laugh out loud
    im going to breast feed for 2 weeks amd then bk to school/work so thats a no go so bottles but ii bought him some good bottles and a bottle warmer lol he should be good

  5. uhhh 7 months!? you told me you didnt know. im done.