omg no self control lol smh

i really need to get a grip
i just keep shopping
everyday i go to work and think
hmm...what am i goin to buy Zion today
lol plus i can't depend on others
to actually buy him the things i want for him
obviousely im obsessed with my monkey theme lol
sigh 8 more weeks until maternity leave
unpaid might i add:/
i need to save 300$ for bills
buy my hubby some xmas gifts
buy his wedding band ( by this friday!)
buy baby shower items
get car fixed real good
ex.trunk,gas,clean-out,wash down inside/out,clear trunk
wash laundry
clean house throughly!!!!
stock up on house needs
ex.soap,baby detergent,toothpaste,deodrant,boxspring,bleach,tissue
arggg only 4 checks left to do with
only 10 weeks and 4 days left until hes here
my lil monkey!:)
i can explain all of this lol

his outfits when we go on nice family outings

take me home outfit ( didnt like 1 i had for him)

monkey duhh..the color scheme was too good too pass up
i mean just look at those boots lol
and the matching burp cloths/bibs/cap/socks
awww just cuteness overload

ahhh...more monkeys:0)
mitttens ...check
monkey slip ons....check
monkey finger puppets....check
Hooded monkey blanket....check
monkey plush toy....check
monkey pacifier accessory....check
happy mommy:)....priceless!

have no reason for buying this...i just liked the colors and think
Zion would be ultra cute in this

too bad the revies on this suck ...because i thinks its cute but it has like
1 star lol so hell naw!


  1. oh wow time really flies fast, U look so cute with ya belly... and monkey stuff is just adorable.... I love it omg naaaaaaw... Girl u are going to get so much for your babyshower =)

  2. Omgoshh Monkey themeee is so totally nicee.. i was on that elmo theme because im obcess wid red, but his daddy swear he criippin it so i had to cancel..but i lovee the outfitt but get more REDDDDDDD GIRLLL..