i hate hate needles am deathly afraid of them
today i had to ....face my fear for my baby
and get like 8 shots fml it huted so bad i cryed like a big ol baby lol
now my right arm is sore
like my mom used to do i treated me self to not 1 but 2 icecreams lol
hey one was for the baby and then i went to sonics an got my usual 2 jr sonic deluxe burgers with mustard and medium fries 3.78$ haha i memorized the price
sigh,.. i forgot to mention my town had a hail storm so my car is fugly
nosy individuals get on my last nerves
all up in my business constantly checking my fb
im lowkey and dont put anything about my life on fb
i delete alot of nobodys and they add me back sighh....
they kp asking me if im preg like its their biz i dont reply
because im not to be the topic of their gossip
why do they want to know?...are they going to buy me some diapers.. no!
"go somewhere ..and get.a.life people because as you can see im moving along with mines"
is what i want to say to the ughhh


  1. ugh i hated getting my blood drawn when i was prego!!
    my veins roll so they always had to poke me like 3 times ugh.
    when i went into labor my biggest fear was getting
    the iv!! it wasnt that bad though.
    cause i knew that was probably the easiest part.

    and on the drama front i hella feel you on that
    i dont even have a facebook or nothing!!
    and babydad wants pics of me on his fb so
    people could see who i am?! like wow youre trippin'
    i like to remain a mystery

  2. thats my new fear lol not even the epi shot the iv
    me too donnt like ppl in my biz if they dont mean me any good

  3. That's a great way to handle curious people. They just need fuel to fire their gossip and by ignoring them and limiting what you say and where, you're exhausting their flames. Very mature! Good look.

  4. thank you Shantae grrr...if only you knew i have widdled my fb friend down so low theyre nearly extinct lol but thats how i like it