Pregnant means lots and lots of Leggings
How do you dress up plain black legging and a black shirt?
choose a warmed hue fall bag

have fun with it

add studs to legging if desired

teal eyeshadow(can hardly tell) and teal bracelet

comfy boots
&&&&& Viola'


  1. i adore your belly! my bestfriend is pregnant and she's actually due any day now.
    my other close friend is pregnant and i'll be the god mommy! i'm way too excited for all of you soon to be mothers.

  2. You're living my worst nightmare lol I've vowed to never get pregnant. Not just because I don't feel like being a parent, but because of the pain I hear is involved. I commend you though! It definitely takes a strong woman to be a mother. Good luck on your Journey :)

  3. thank you all :)
    @Miss.fortune congrats to your bestie and your god mom status lol i know im excited too i just try to think positive and just keep swimming swimming swimming lol:)

    @ Shante
    yea im very over the pain though i figure it will be worth it and plus i plan toget an epidural asap lol because with me pain is always more intense because of my mind and my low pain tolerance and irritability thus the reason im a scary cat about getting a tattoo
    thanks i hope i am strong ..(:( have my weak moments though) and thank lol im gonna need alot of luck on this lonnnnnngggg journey ahaha

    @tishajade thank you so much irealy appreciate the compliment because somedays are eh..:( but now thx to you i feel yay :) lol
    i appreciate al the omments keep them coming and ill always reply and if you havent done so ADD me!!