stuff you probably dont know
i have the iphone4 now never found my other iphone sigh
i found my glasses
im the oldest

my siblings minus my bro patrick
i carry my reusable starbucks cup EVERYWHERE
old pic i was 4 months right here
more later too cold in this room lol
im backk....
i already have my hospital bag packed including my colorful juno sock for when im in labor (lol)
i literally have one friend ( all the way in cali fml) because of my low tolerence for bullshit
no more n word for me claps hands
i love pictures


  1. your little brother is TOOOO cute! can i have him? lol

  2. heck yess go ahead lol he's a bad ass

  3. uhhh you were 4 months there? so you did know before you told me.. ok.