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Up date
my doctors estimates he's 5-5 1/2 lbs big! lol i asks her where is he fitting lol
ive gained 3 lbs yay!!
i feel fine except for my insomnia, i have the ability to wake up at 7a-9am and go to sleep 2am-6:40am ( new record last night 6;40 am omg lol im definetly nesting cleaning, looking through his things like a creep,folding unfolding,making him wish list
need to send out my baby shower invites
i need to finish my registries arggg ( anything left on registry after birth recieves 15% off yay)
his heart beat is very strong and as i already knew he loves to move
Highlights of my birth plan
i plan on using a birth ball
i want dim lighting and soothing music
pain free as possible ( drugs please:D)
reletively private
mirror for crowing
partner to cut cord
no circumcision(:O)
breastfeed/kangeroo care asap
private room
discharged as soon as possible!

need 2-3 more jumbo (200-300 ) diapers and 2 Jumb0 ( 180-300) wipes i am not playing lol
and i am in love with this diaper bag omg @ my store 45$
im so getting it!

picture does not do it justice

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