Writers block:/

Nothing new with me so here's my Halloween photos
Bf wouldn't let me show the belly lol so I wanted to be a kangaroo ....
lol who gets it ???
But I couldn't find anything !!:(
So I was going to be a greaser leather jacket leather skirt big hair lol I couldn't fit the leather skirt Omg
So I ended up being a pregnant cheetah while my Bf was a FlyGuy and my lil brother a monkey and friend a cop
Soo much fun even though lil brother barely got candy:( and he fell asleep midway no fun carrying a sleep monkey house to house.:D


.... But of course I didn't trick or treat in heel I wore my comfy 6 rings

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  1. I'm cracking myself up! I was looking at your photos thinking "Omigod! How does that girl wear those heels, all preggers & everything!!??"

    And then I got to the last pic & giggled.


  2. lol im glad i could humor you!:) and of course girl heel are ok to wear but not block after block can we say ouch!