Blog I have alot to tell you

But I'm exhausted so I'll feel you in later I just want to say that MOMS are very strong people ESP single moms thank god for Byron being there to rub out my contractions and soothe me labor wasn't as bad as I expected the contractions were mild at least mines were pushing was easy but weird I wanted to laugh for some odd reason
The absolute worst part of the process is POSTPARTUM omg!!!!! Your body is way different everything waaaaaay swollen and pushed out jumbled I did not expect this I don't want to get graphic but it painful and ugly I don't know how some people do it back to back :/


And as always I was doing too much and packed too much lol

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  1. Omg. Is it too soon for me to want
    Another baby?!
    Zion is so damn cute! Girl he looks like you!
    Yeah I know what you mean after having
    Demetri I wouldn't look in the mirror
    Or touch my stomach it was too weird
    Strethmarks came after I had him!
    It was crazy !
    But give yourself time you just had a baby!
    He is too damn precious for real!

  2. HE IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!! Congrats love!

  3. He is just so adorable! Again, congratulations, cant wait to read your birth story.

  4. He's so cute :)!
    Love the monkeys & his lil nameplate.

    Congrats ! <3