Thanks for following sweeties!:)
And im loving all the comments I appreciate it all!

The love of my life!
-has freckles on his chin
-daddies chin& ears
- I guess mommys lips
-long monkey fingers
- sooner than later light brown eyes
- very long and lanky
- chubby cheeks
- big eyes like meeeeeeeee O_O
- attitudes lol
- a doc appt tomorrow
- and his cord has fallen off eek scared me!

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  1. Haha I was scared when Demetris umbilical cord fell off too!! Haha it stunk!!

    He is so cute I want to just put him
    In a blender!!

    I love his diapers!! Pampers are the best!!
    Haha totally random but its true.

    I'm glad you keep posting pics so I can
    See a teeny tiny!

  2. Omg your baby is gorgeous... what an angel... Congratulations.. and HAppy new years