I am FAT and ready to go
Went to my doc appt
I'm almost 2 centimeters dilated :)
75% effaced
Having constant contractions
Tired of everyone in my life at this point arggggg I'm a beast and will bite their heads off!!
My doc said I'm going to have a Xmas baby so yay!! Thank you Jesus!!!! Overjoyed
I bought him a outfit for hospital

I just have to walk walk walk I'm going to try curry ,pineapple too and * blushes* lots of sex no offense I want my baby to be out ( and healthy of course)
I made him another shopping list oh gawd I'm too much I know

^ its purple plaid guys yay

Some polo shoes i think they are so cute
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  1. Oh wow, but hon I dont think you look fat, I think you only have the belly how... I wish you look, and hope everything goes fine... Naw merry christmas =)

  2. You look great! Shit I looked like a cow!!
    For real 70 pounds of water weight and burgers doesn't look good on a 5'4" female!
    Almost there girl !!
    So excited for you:)

  3. I'm a new follower. :) The clothes you bought for him are soo adorable!

    Merry Christmas & Congrats on the lil one :)