Omg blog a lot has. Change my class at school is like my family
I'm a fatass
about to start work again
My sister is prego
My Zion stopped breathing(he's better now)
I wear heels super a lot
Feel lonely.
My friends are at different levels in life doing.them
Zion is11 lbs
There's this 1 bitch in my class that love corretong me ughh
I want to learn to bleand my makeup better
My car blew up
Got a new car a suv type jeep: )
I have been slacking!
Byron gt on my nerves
By home issue a mess

1 comment:

  1. He stopped breathing ?!?!
    Oh my god that is so scary oh my God
    Poor baby! Geez
    Well I'm so glad you updated
    Mama I was thinking about you!