My phone always changing my words n telling me how to spell stuff but anyways right now I'm tired AF I slept in an uncomfortable position last night so I'm sore so sleepy todays my long day at school and I have two exams today I'm wearing these wack blue scrubs feeling like shit

Lol example

But anyways I always wondered what the he'll do sexy guys want because they don't all date the baddest chicks
And I'm always just to shy to even talk around them dam
I just end up looking stupid ughhhh yyyyyyyy
There's alot of sexy ppl at my school yum!
I only see them at lunch though because the dental segment of school is wayyyyyyy across te campus
I think I really want red hair not like bright red or nothing crazy but something to match my skin tone that will flatter me
I should really get started on my FAFSA definitely done by the end of this week
I'm a really boring person and come off distant or emotionless with ppl I don't know ima work on being more enthused I'll kp u folk updated
FYI I cry exertions I watch Cadillac Record boo hoo hoo sue me I'm a cry baby
Also I have a blogging goal!!:)
Reach 100 followers and have a giveaway
Also reach out more get more comments and comment more

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