about la...

i love the smell of popcorn
will most likely never get tatted but i toy with the idea
Im a love person i just love love Hence my sons first name
never been a fight
i smile alot...now thx GOD
Starting lately im done insulting others and i might stop profanity im raising a child
^ easier said than done
my son act like me p.s its scary
i throw tantrum(working on this problem)
cant sleep in a dirty room
in debt fml
drive a black jeep with cheetah decoration inside
i like to plan but it doesnt always work in my favor
get like 5 hours or less of slp @ night due to school
i still breastfeed!:)
have one hugh boob that he loves aka the chocolate milk boob
zion takes up our bed
he has never slept in his crib
work 4 hrs on weekends sadly
my first instinct is usually right but i go with my 2nd anyways
im learnin t just ....live
dont know myself
good at acting out my life but tired of putting on a show
wishing had chose medical instead
could all day w/o checking my cell
love water like oceans etc it calms me
i picture things too much

1 comment:

  1. Aww now I know more about you!
    Still breastfedding? Good for you!
    Bet that makes zion happy
    Babies love boob! Haha