do you before anyone else!

You ever have a friend who always want you to do for them but they never do for you?
well ALL my friends are like that!
so my fiend is going to get tatted again on wensday
eh usually i don't go or care because needles+me=not happening
but lately ive been wanting something small and cute
so i say ..."i want 1 2"
she going on wensday i get paid on Friday so i ask if she could py for mines until friday
-____- she says no and that hers is free
ok so i brushed it off ...but then im like she would let me pay full price when hers is frr
she wouldn't even try to get mines discounted at least -$5 wow and she makes waaaay more than me
but whatever thats a friend...female....for you
so basically i decided not to do anything extra or go out of my way for anyone except family
because in the end you end up by yourself
so one of my goals this week is learn how to blend my make up better
today i will watch three tutorials on it and then try it and post a pic for you guys:)
im in the midst of spring cleaning ugh boringgggg


  1. thats why i have 0 friends!
    i hate females..
    except you booboos!
    i want to get a tattoo too my sons name and
    his bday on my upper back.

    im spring cleaning too!
    it is extra boring

  2. Your boy is so cute and getting bigger fast! U know those types of friends eventually disappear and you well be stuck with the good ones... Just dont put so much energy on them!

  3. don't waste your energy on people like that