there goes my bby....

not happy with mommy obviously
i miss my ponyo he went to his nanas for the weekend :(

the cherry red 13's :) i love seeing my ponyo in fresh jays
it makes me so smiley faced :)  
I try to read to him every Sunday & Wensdays those are also his bath days

his new found love belle the binky i be like "byron go get belle lol"

tried red lipstick for the first time in cinnamon
must say i got lots of attention
everyone in my class loved it and it was bold
i felt freakin fierce so i think everyone should find the
right hue and red and have a fierce day!

my rocker chick look

i decided for each season I will buy 3 nail polishes at least so these are
spring colors L to R
sand Tropez ,lilacism,and blue me away!
so far i love the nudes on my fingers and the blue on my toes

OMG <333 THIS ladies buy buy buy for only $3 this is a easy
SEXY pick me up the scent last all day and are very smelly goody
everytime you inhale a warm good smell will ingulf you
i say buy buy buy! 

the whole outfit



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  2. Aww he's a kutie!! lol

    And I just painted my nails with Blue Me Away yesterday! I LOVE that color..I'll be posting pix of my nails in a few hours if you wanna see how I did them =]


  3. I will def have to try the caress, the dove I got sucked!