A change is coming over me

Every last piece of drop I had for him is now invested in our son:) sadly I'm over him sad because I wanted it to last for the sake of love& Zion but it's not fair to my heart
So I've
Deleted his # ( ironic he's still my #1 call eh.. We share a son)
He sleeps on the couch
Deleted as a Facebook friend
And keeping convos to a bare minimum he doesn't want to love me the way I need and get this he had the nerves to be jealous of a male friend texting me about my day...don't get me started that's juvenile
And cheese I'm making new friends across the board I now have potential club hopping buddies :D
But I've decided I'm not clubbing until I get. My ish handled and under control plus I don't want go busted which is what I currently am smh but yay I passed all 18 credits with a c or better now I just need to register for summer radiology
GOALS of today :
Do toes and nails
Do hair
Clean living quarters
Clean kitchen/ bathroom
Make my Fatman laugh :)))))))
Sigh now I'm off to have ice-cream with a friend
P.s I want a love like this!:)

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  1. sometimes you just gotta do wuts best for you and yours. congrats to moving on and living life