I'm beyond tired of my "family" I believe that they are sorry excuses and selfish I'm way too nice I have my mean pregnant ass sister sone clothes and I needed some work clothes so I asked her size 7 self can I have her size 3 clothes at least an outfit to go to work in she started catching fade and getting an attitude which is why I'm so tired of her she always acts like Shes bothered when anybody trys to talk to her like her time is too precious but I gt her wait to I float away and my mom she sees me doesn't say hi but she can say something negative sometimes it's stings it hurts make ne feel worthless I hate this family all of the stupid secrets and hush hush gossip unhelpfulness and noone makes it out and if they do they become holier than thou and don't speak my family is a sad sad case smh fml today I had to work guess what I'm not at work because I had to call off because Byron worked 11am -11pm today I was scheduled. 2-6p my cousin is too immature too watch Zion my mom was at work my aunt wants payment my sister was off but turned her nose up when I asked her so I had to call off I'm going to get him in daycare :'( didn't want to but I have to so that me and Byron can get this paper for him and another thing about these badword inserted here ok so every weekend my mom INVITES me over INVITES! meaning she asks me to come visit her but it never fails that when I do come she violates my feeling and makes me feel like shit and puts me down telling me I should go and my sisters tells me to go home WTF am I Mossi g something don't invite me anymore that's hurtful what they do so I'm making a choice of not going to make a change to be happier if you can't tell my weekend sucked and I needed this break and work Omg lazy manager got me doing his job for minimum wage man I can't wait until next year when I'm a DA and sad news Byron lost his wallet with all of the rent $ that's due today Omg what's next....
Tonight after studying I'm going to have a Hugh talk with him about just worrying about our bubble meaning our family me him and Zion and just secluding ourselves for a while to get us together and on track because can't nobody love you like you can and once again a lesson learned by a burn don't nobody got me

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  1. have u ever asked your mum & sister why they treat u the way they do?