bummed but grateful

so im bummed i have to pay out of pocket for my summer classes esp since it was my financial aid offices mistake and other student with better jobs and no dependents recieved their aid on time but whatever i will make the best of it anywho i missed work again by accident wtf no call no show because these nitwits fail to update me when i work and love to chnage the schedule mid week its frustrating i spoke with my manager about this already i can not commit to a schedule i a) dont know about or am not filled in on
b) am only on call
i just cant im sorry i am too busy at this point and hello have no cell! which they know so why they changed the schedule midweek is beyond me dam im mad because i missed $ today im looking for a new job because Carters is too inconsistant we are suppose to get hours based on CRM i have the highest and was scheduled 3 hrs last week wtf and this other girl have 20+ i cant take this abuse true she has no dependents and open available but if you would just tell me my fudging hours and quit playing around i would know ahead of time to drop max off
and another thing i hate hate hate hate how this 30+ y/o manager gets t me hes annoying he had the nerves to tell me not to wear jordan tennis shoes anymore 1st) they are not running shoes therefore my sneaker are apart of the dresscode complianace
2nd) your lazy and incompetant so STFU
3rd) you always wear your nasty a** hobo sandals that are hanging on by a single thread a thread i tell you
4th) you know damn well the policy states that man must wear closed shoes
5th) even we girl have to have a bback strap for a sandals
6th) the store manager always wears sneakers theyre pastrys but nonetheless sneakers
7th) your toes are fugly,crusty,buseted put those hounds out of sight !!! :/

but whatever im ooking for a new job
i love carters but...idk who knows it just might work iut for the best eh...im just grateful to have a job but GOD i know you hear me i need a better job one with good hours,benefits,and pay thank you jesus amen.:)