Dear Brittani Nalani myloveforever,

i love you dearly im sorry you feel as though ive abandoned you truth is i think of you alot and how your sooo incredible you go through alot girl and still your just so spunky funny loving smiling you interest me and i want to get to know you better. you are my only bestfriend justknowing that makes me feel loved and cared for so you see that why i have no problem going days w/o texting or calling becaue i know for a fact you love me and i love you no matter what thick or thin to death do us part we will be old skinny crackheads pushing shopping carts just laughing in our own world :) you are my sister you motiate me in more ways than one im sorry that you feel like im not there for you and lonely i hope josh starts to treat you like the quen you are you beautiful sexy cute razzle dazzle
to be continued lol king of the hill is on

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  1. YOURWIFEYFORLIFEY(: brinaeJune 22, 2011 at 10:33 PM

    i love you too (: