lots of things are hard and lots of people get through hard things
im tired of making excuses
my life is a mess that i plan to fix
im taking a mental and physical break from my fam bam
it will be hard because were close and im used to seeing them often
but its somthing that has to be done im so dam sick of this abuse lol
people treat you how you allow them to so i am no longer being a victim
im am taking a 60 day break 60 days because my niece is due the 5th of september but other than that im in no rush to see my family they let me down and this year has not been a blast
amazing how they act im done with them
they dont let me wash
go to eat w/o me are like mel eat in the car couldnt even buy me a icecream cone ok gotcha
i do too much for these people ask me about my coach bags or shoes or anything nice that they liked and i let them have i am mistreated but whatever goodbye family this year my birth date sux but i expected it whats a birthday anyways another year another ill i say fml


  1. idk why you cant im gonna check my thing now.. ummm i like your font (-_0) lol side eye but my email is britbrit0414@gmail.com I sent it to izzy but u wrote me 49 mins ago and I just replied but yesssss

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