....ohhhh canadaaaaa

ill elaborate on the title later let me fill you in!
as i mentioned before ive been killing it at work kudos
i mean i show up 2 hrs early just to make sure im not going to be late
so this week i got alot of hours and my next check is going to be rick ross fat but its all going to the court:) because i absolutely hattttte being in debt and im cleaning it all up by the end of this year my credit should be ultra bueno thx you Jesus
i finally did my nails after so many weeks of deprivement (strict school rules eh) and it feel really weird to have nail paint on my nails any who there lilac and im so in love anyways byron has really been surprising me lately even though he has alot and i mean alot of making things right to do but im pleased by him...for the time being
i bought zion these black and white gym shorts and i must say he looks mighty snazzy on his big boy status in them also eeek hes getting so big this may be the last month he can fit into those cute sleep bags fudge he look so dang adorable in them an its just a zip
so about the title my favorite cousin shakie lives in Canada let me put in etter term a 3rd of me is gone ....smh i miss her like none other so if me her and bri of course zion could be reunited it would make my day  year life!! tbc (to be cont.)

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