blogging is so blah what happen ugh

anywho im alive and well
zion can now stand up and climb on things crawl very fast
he likes to pull off his clothes and diaper when hes supposed to be sleeping
he laughs alot alot and loves toys example pushing his toy truck back and forth
i cant wait until the 12th when i can buy food
sigh i owe 300$ still hmm...been broke as a joke because ugh too much for too little time
lately ive been extremely disappointed in my mom
ive been on craiglist alot finding things you can find anything on there crazy as hell
i really want to frickin move i hate x 12380534570 those apartments ugh
my job slacking i am only getting 20 hours over the next two week ugh
im bored and very hungry at my grannys im feenin for some taco bell meal deal
i cant wait to go swimming later and plan my sister baby shower for next sunday
my brother is here from ohio
and my lil bro is sick and turning two monday now i have5 to get dress izzys going to work and im rif=ding along to get some jack in the crack ya heard me

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