today is my sisters baby shower
ive been getting along with her better
i called off work today and idgaf
after next week i start school
i bought zion some cute stuff from walmart and more things he needed
i came centimeters close to piercing his ears but im still undecided
i have to pick up the babyshower cake at 3 and start setting up
im still apartment shopping but for sure our new place will be black/red sounds sexy right? and zions room will be cars theme aww how cute

my bestfriend is trying to get preggo so /.....

wish her luck yay
this so called friend of mines has yet to return my dam camera shes starting to piss me off more later kkk

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  1. well tell your best-friend to be easy. raising babies at a young age aint no joke. its very demanding and if you can hold out. do so.

    thanks for subscribing to my blog! :)