back on track so ive been applying everywhere
andguess who git hired at walmart yup this girl
cant wait
i need my hair done
weave $150
get it done $30
manicure 45$
hoochie clothes $100/ month lol this list is cracking me up
but ima start doing fun stuff with my girls esp since byron has zion on weekends
soo whoo hoo i aint gotta drive either so bottoms up (dont drink tho)
also i met this guy ...:/ its hard to date tho because idki got responisibilities && ishbut yay hopefully ill be doing fun stuff by november i meani was sodamnbored iwanted a other baby gasp fml i just love kids though but ill curve that craving by teaching whew its a bit much

my sickboo :(

-got my glasses finnaly oh yea blog im legally blind but never where glases only to drive Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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