About muah!:*

1. I can be cynical at times
Your happy... I'm not... Gotta
Kill your spirit
Dam I'm honest I can be a hater at times
2. If there's a party the 1st thing
You'll here me say is "is there going to be food"
3. I own my own car :)
4. I honestly love everyone (minus lynell jk)
5. I have alot of journals
6. I shop too much
7. I'm a technically a freshman in college but I have all my prereq's so litterally a sophmore
8. I will go to NAU next fall
9. I haven't permed my hair since God knows when
10. I like tall white boys with big lip and long curly hair:]
11. I want scratch that will get a Chrysler 300 January 2011 mark my words
12. I'm ordering a mac pro this week
13. Aspire a nice camara
14. As of now I want a light skinned lover lmao
15.Ima get my ish together starting here on out
16. The best thing about being skinny is that I can eat what I want when I want
17. In the process of getting CPR certified (:$ proud face)
18. I sometimes listen to extremly provocitve songs and my name becomes Lauryn the bad gal
19. I have problems with my feet that I'm working on my toes
Are unsexy
20. Vanilla is my fave scent
21. I heart target
22.I will try new ideas with my hair (ie shorter hair) soon
23. When I do something I go hard
24.I don't study until the day of
25. I live for the last word
26.I only check my voicemail so that the reminder will go away
27. I stay up late and get up early
28.rice gives me hiccups
29. I'm good @ giving advice just not following it

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